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Ariens Path Pro
Ariens Snowblower Folding Handlebar
Ariens Path Pro
Ariens Path Pro in Action

The Ariens Path-Pro™ is a single stage, lightweight, compact Sno-Thro┬« that is easy to maneuver, transport and store. They have many upgrade options available depending on what you want to pay for. This snow blower can throw snow up to 35 ft. and features a 200-degree chute rotation, allowing you to easily blow snow out of its path.

Ariens Path-Pro Model Specifications

The Path-Pro is equipped with an ergonomic folding handle bar for easier storage. The handle bar is made with a large diameter for durability, operator comfort and convenience.

The housing is made with commercial duty materials that can easily cut through packed snow and drifts with ease. The paddles are reinforced rubber and the adjustable scraper bar can clean snow down to the surface.

The engine is the Ariens AX Engine. It’s powerful and can perform even in the worst conditions. The triple piston ring design reduces oil consumption and helps maintain cylinder pressure for maximum power. Mechanical governor for fast engine response and power for changing snow conditions. Dual Roller Ball Bearings create less friction and heat prolonging engine life. Cast iron Cylinder sleeve reduces wear for a longer lasting, more durable engine. The Ax Engine has a large fuel tank that is rated for 2+ hours. The controls are oversized for ease of use and identification. The engine has a specially designed muffler to help minimize engine noise and provide quieter operation. The two-position throttle can easily be changed between full throttle for optimum performance and the lower noise setting when in idle position.

The wheels are robust and maneuverable. Sized at 7.5″ x 1.75″; they’re semi-pneumatic and were designed to take rough handling and to move easily move through snow.

Maintenance Friendly

The Design of the Path-Pro makes for easy maintenance. The Cowl has a convenient service door for oil and gas fill. The oil fill is also designed high for easy filling and has an extended oil drain for easy maintenance.. Easy Access to engine controls and service points makes routine maintenance a breeze.

Path-Pro Model Specifications.

Like all other Ariens snow blower families, these models differ slightly in the model options they can be equipped with.

There are 5 different Path-Pro models currently available. The model designation can be easily deciphered for the options that the particular Path-Pro has.

Model Number
Path-Pro 136 938030
Path-Pro 136E 938034
Path-Pro 208 938031
Path-Pro 208E 938032
Path-Pro 208EC 938033

These models are pretty much the same machines with three main differences in option levels.

Engine Size:
136 cc (7.0 ft-lbs) Ariens AX engine can throw snow up to 25ft.
208 cc (9.5 ft-lbs) Ariens AX Engine can throw snow up to 35ft.

Starter Type:
Adding the additional 120V electronic starter option which is designated by the “E” in the model name.

Chute Rotation:
Remote chute rotation option designated by the “C” in the model number. The only available Path-Pro with this option is the most expensive 208EC.

Ariens Path-Pro Prices

The Ariens can range from from about $400 for the Path-Pro 136 to $600 for the Path-Pro 208EC.

Ariens snowblower Manuals can be found HERE