Ariens Deluxe 24, 28, 30 Review

Ariens Deluxe

Ariens Deluxe 24

Ariens Deluxe 30

The Ariens Deluxe Sno-Thro series are a great snowblower option that gives you the power and flexibility to clear paths whether you have light accumulation or dense, heavy snow. With enough power to go through 16″ of snow with a throwing distance of up to 50 feet, this snow blower may have enough power for you without breaking the bank. Featuring a large 14-inch, 3-blade high-speed impeller, you’ll throw more snow in less time so you can get back to what matters.

Ariens Platinum 30 or 24 SHO Best Features

Aries Platinum 30

Aries Platinum

Aries Platinum 30 SHO

Top of the line Ariens Platinum Sno-Thro is state of the art with features that will make moving snow effortless and comfortable. Clearing whatever winter throws at you is easy. It comes in 30 or 24 inch sizes. The new SHO model stands for “Super High Output” and have larger engines to provide even higher throwing distances.

Platinum Sno-Thro® Features

  • SHO – Super High Output

14″ 3-blade high-speed impeller has improved belts and sheave to help throw snow up to 55 feet!

  • Auto-Turn™ steering technology

Push Reel Lawn Mower Review

Fiskars Staysharp Max Reel Mower

Brill Luxus Push Reel Lawn Mower

Greenworks 25052 Push Reel Lawn Mower

A push reel lawn mower may be what you need. With all the advances and modern conveniences, why, you may ask, would you want to take a step backward, as it was the standard among households in the first half of the previous century.

So why would you want to get rid of the convenience of your gas mower and start using an old-fashioned non-electric push reel mower.

The main benefits are that push mowers use no gas or electricity, emit no pollution, make little noise, require little upkeep, and can be had at a fraction of the cost of a power mower.

Lawnmower Tips – Choosing the Perfect One

John Deere X304 Lawn Mower

Honda 29488 Lawn Mower

Toro Timemaster Lawn Mower

To make your lawn mowing job easier, you’ll first need to make sure you’ve got the best lawnmower that will fit your needs. Consider the size of your property, the type of terrain, and set a budget that you feel comfortable with. Having additional options can be nice, but will drive up the cost of your mower.

Step 1 In Choosing Your New Lawn Mower – Ride or Walk?

The first thing you need to consider is whether to ride or to walk?

Ariens Path-Pro Review, Model Comparison and Specifications

Ariens 208EC Snowblower Ariens 208EC snowblower Ariens Path Pro

The Ariens Path-Pro™ is a single stage, lightweight, compact Sno-Thro® that is easy to maneuver, transport and store. They have many upgrade options available depending on what you want to pay for. This snow blower can throw snow up to 35 ft. and features a 200-degree chute rotation, allowing you to easily blow snow out of its path.

Ariens Path-Pro Model Specifications

The Path-Pro is equipped with an ergonomic folding handle bar for easier storage. The handle bar is made with a large diameter for durability, operator comfort and convenience.

Guide to Futon Bunk Beds

Metal Futon Bunk Bed Wood Futon Bunk Bed Futon Bunk Bed

Futon bunk beds are a brilliant fusion of comfort and functionality. The Futon bunk bed is ideal for any bedroom whether it be for a child, teen or adult. It’s not just two beds in one like the typical bunk bed, but the bottom bunk can easily and quickly be converted from a bed to a couch and back to two separate beds. These are better than a futon sofa bed and are affordable and stylish for any bedroom. They are specially designed for small spaces.

Kitchen Appliance Packages, Review of Most Important Must Know Facts

stainless appliance package Frigidaire appliance package Modern Appliance Package

Kitchen appliance packages can have many advantages over buying each appliance separately. You may be doing a kitchen renovation or just upgrading your kitchen appliances. It’s not easy to choose the perfect kitchen appliance package, but spending some time and doing some research before your actual purchase can make your whole process go smoother, easier, and help you save some money.

Combi Boilers Advantages and Drawbacks

combination boiler combi boiler installation electric combi boilers

Combination boilers better known as combi boilers are either electric boilers, gas boilers, or oil boilers that combine a residential boiler and a central heating water exchanger system. It has many advantages over conventional boilers and have a great track record wherever heating is needed. There are many manufacturers that produce cheap combi boilers for the cost conscious. No matter what your needs are, you can find the best combi boilers to meet your needs.


The combi boiler is ideal for the smaller homes and apartments. These boilers have a more compact design, are more economical, and are more efficient.

Combi Boiler Prices

combination boiler combi boiler installation electric combi boilers

A combination boiler or “combi boiler” is an excellent green choice to meet your home heating and hot water needs. Energy savings can be dramatic. Modern heat exchanger designs can make combi boilers maximize fuel efficiency and can provide an energy savings of over 30% compared to most conventional gas water heaters. They can eliminate standby heat losses which can total $100 or more per year. In addition to the energy savings, a combi boiler also saves space. Most combi boilers take up a very small footprint by reducing heating space requirements by up to 70%, to make a utility room more organized and usable. In fact, many of these combis, can be installed in a closet out of sight or hung on walls. The two factors with the fact that you’re simplifying your home by using a single heat source can make a perfect solution out of either a gas combi boiler or an electric combi boiler.

Ariens Snowblower Reviews and Best Model Comparison

Ariens Ariens Pro 28 Snowblower Ariens Platinum Snowblower

Ariens snow blowers are known as the “Official Snow Blower of Lambeau Field” and as the “King of Snow.” Ariens has a long history manufacturing snowblowers and lawn tractors for both the consumer and commercial markets. Based in Brillion, Wisconsin, Ariens entered the snow thrower market in 1960. One of their most enduring and successful products is the Ariens Sno-Thro©. Ariens snowthrowers are known for their durability and quality design and backed by an industry leading customer warranty.