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Futon bunk beds are a brilliant fusion of comfort and functionality. The Futon bunk bed is ideal for any bedroom whether it be for a child, teen or adult. It’s not just two beds in one like the typical bunk bed, but the bottom bunk can easily and quickly be converted from a bed to a couch and back to two separate beds. These are better than a futon sofa bed and are affordable and stylish for any bedroom. They are specially designed for small spaces.

It is also useful for when your children get too old to sleep in bunk beds. As such, this is a favorite of college students who need to conserve as much space in their dorm room or lofts as possible. One thing that you can never have enough of in the student’s bedroom is space and a bunk bed with futon can help get you more space with a cool new look. By having your bed also act as your couch, you don’t have to buy any separate furniture, thus leaving a lot more floor space available. The comfortable bottom futon can be used for relaxing, watching television, studying, or just hanging out. If you want to extend the usefulness of this furniture to its limit you can just also purchase the optional drawers or tumble bed.

When you’re shopping for futon bunk beds, the first thing you want to think about is safety. Like any other type of bunk bed, they do come with a certain amount of risk. Most have built-in safety features, but you probably want to be aware of the few safety issues when picking out and putting together your bunk bed.

Important safety features to look for:

  • One thing you want to be sure to do is buy your bed from someone who sells quality furniture so that you know it’ll be a good sturdy piece that will last a long time.
  • Look for guard rails on the top bunk
  • A ladder that is attached permanently to the frame of the bed.
  • If it requires assembly, it’s important to assemble it specifically to the instructions to be sure that it is set up properly and no accidents will happen

Another thing to consider with your futon bed is the aesthetics. Your kid’s bedroom may be decorated in a certain theme or, you may want to use the bunk bed as an inspirational piece for the entire room. Either way you want to be sure to choose the right combination of fabric, pattern, and frame material.

Bunk beds come in wood and metal frames in a large variety of styles and materials so you should be able to find one that is suitable for your needs. The mattresses and mattress covers come in different designs so you should be able to find something that will match most any bedroom and give it a bit more of a sophisticated look.

But these bunk beds do much more than just give you a lot options. They are also built to be exactly as tough as you need them. The hardwood bed construction is designed to last, year after year. And the structures of the frames are further strengthened by reinforcing certain vital stress points with steel.

While many people consider a wood futon bunk bed to be sturdier than a metal futon bunk bed, this is not necessarily the case. The wooden bed can be clunkier and may take up more space in an already small room. The metal beds can be just as sturdy and will give the room more of a spacious feel. Metal futon bunk beds are durable and great looking. The steel frames are powder-coated in a variety of decorative colors.

Of course, your first priority should be to make sure that the bed has all of the features needed for safe use. No matter what you use your futon bunk bed for; you are bound to find that both the frame and the variety of colors will meet both your design and durability needs.

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